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Here's the list.

Fast ballistic helmet (Includes: EOS Tac MPLS Headlamp, NVG Lanyard for VAS Shroud, ContourHD Camera & Goggle Swivel Clips )

Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

Enhanced body with seamless arms.

Three (3) pairs of Glove HandsInterchangeable

PROTECH TAC-6 PLUS ® HP full coverage tactical vest.
PROTECH tactical ballistic bicep upper arm protection.
LAPD S.W.A.T Uniform (Shirt and Pants).
LAPD S.W.A.T T-Shirt.
SWAT classic 9 inch side zip boots.

416 carbine rifle w/ miad grip & & PWS Tactical Compensator hider & PTS ASAP sling plate.
Kimber custom TLE II (LAPD SWAT) pistol.

FM53 twin port protective mask w/ sunlight outsert assembly (includes: Voice Projection Unit (VPU) & Comms Cable Kit).
M-Frame strike sunglasses.
SWAT-tac III ach single communication headset W/ arc rail adapter & signal combat ptt.
Astro saber III speaker.
6360 holster(SWAT CUSTOM) W/ MLS accessory fork on quick release harness & quick locking system (QLS).
C.A.T. (covert anti-terrorism) #203 knife.
Multi-port plus flash-bang grenade.
S-Biner Carabiner.
KONG 511-L3 Carabiner.
Tactical door stop tool .
X26 stun gun W/ tek-lok holster & cqc ambidextrous platform.
Disposable double cuff.
BB-8700G cell phone W/ case.
HK porter 0690C 9-inch handklip cutter.
Water beast reservoir.
Tazo II screw gate straight D carabiner.
TAC- watch.
TAC- pen.

Dual tango down M4 magazine pouch.
Double ump 45 magazine pouch.
Double handcuff pouch.
Universal radio pouch .
Shotgun shell pouch.
PROTECH utility pouch.
Hydration system carrier.
LAPD S.W.A.T. class II special ops harness.
UTG Tac single point sling.
Drop pouch.
OMEGA elite gas mask pouch.
OMEGA elite M-16 /flash-bang pouch.

Tactical name tapes.
41D & 23D commemoration patch.
Los Angeles police Brest patch.
LAPD SWAT patch.

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I wish this was just a gear set. Some really good kit in there but I'd rather put it on a HT TT body and use a different head (I dont need or want a Ryan Gosling hs). It'd keep the price down too. Ah well.

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I have no interest in this figure personally but it's well presented & the head sculpt looks pretty good.....I'm sure it will sell well for sure, I think they should change the company initials to DDID....Dragon Diversity In Dreams.....LAPD,Churchill, Bond, Putin, Chicago mobster....along with... WW1.....Napoleonic's (not for a while though!!)....WW2....they are certainly putting out a nice choice of figures

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I don't know.

I could have easily posted the following too.

I say e-mail the links to VERYCOOL and suggest they consider a SWAT set.
I thought very cool only did fashion stuff? and female figures?
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