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all of DID's Napoleonic releases have been modellers loft exclusives but have also been offered stateside. don't sweat it.
I know Cotswold will be selling them.

As to a TB review on accuracy. When the prototypes images first came out, he beat them up pretty bad. No idea what he thinks of the final versions.

Personally, accurate or not I'm still very interested. I'm a basher and the parts alone are going to be a gold mine. I'm looking forward to the Musketeers, I really really want a 1:6 rapier and left hand dagger.

Captain Eyestrain
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DiD's French Line Infantry Grenadier : Review.
When I first saw some preliminary pics of this I was a bit worried , but seeing much better pics today , I think we can be cautiously pleased.
It's not perfect , but what 1/6th historical figure ever is ?

I dashed out this review for OSS this evening , and here it is :

This is a hasty review based on the pictures : I don't yet have the Model in front of me , but I shall get one immediately and add any comments once I've seen him in the plastic :

The fifth in their series of Napoleonic figures , this one rather sums up DiD's approach : innovative , original , with well-made items , but slightly spoilt by avoidable little errors , probably appearing between the advice ( which I gather they've got from Patrice Courcelle : he has my sympathy ) and the manufacture .

A basic French Line Infantryman is an excellent choice , and will be welcomed heartily by kibashers everywhere , because a wealth of possibilities are opened up.

Head looks fine : he could do with a little help with the moustache : compulsory for Grenadiers .

Tunic : They have chosen the post 1812 " Bardin " uniform , with the short jacket : this looks beautifully done , but was only generally issued from 1813 onwards , after the 1812 debacle in Russia , and thus only represents the period of the fighting in Germany , the first Abdication , and the subsequent 100 days ending at Waterloo .

Personally , I would have preferred the old " Habit long " with the V-shaped cutaway front and the long tails , which was used , in subtly evolving cut , from the Revolution until 1812 and after : So many more campaigns could have been represented , in fact the whole of the Grand Armee's years of Glory !
Having said that , the 1813 uniform jacket looks very nicely done , though the collar is wrong and not tall enough : this late style was actually hooked closed to completely cover the shirt and cravat .
The "smallclothes" also look very good : it would have been nice to have had the option of trousers , which were much more commonly worn than the breeches and long gaiters by this date .

Equipment : They have made curious decision to provide the equipment which a hybrid of the Grenadier and Fusilier : whether DiD did this through ignorance or cunning is difficult to tell .

To explain : French battalions had six companies : The Grenadier company ( in common with most armies at the time ) were the picked elite , who wore two crossbelts , the first for the pouch , the second to carry a sabre and the bayonet , and various other distinctions , such as red epaulettes and shako decorations as provided , moustaches etc. .
The four centre companies were Fusiliers , with one crossbelt carrying the pouch and bayonet together ( an economy measure ) .
The sixth company were Voltigeurs ( sharpshooters ) with their own distinctions of dress, and who often wore the second belt with a sabre as well .

DiD have given us both arrangements, with the bayonet carried in the Fusiliers' frog on the pouchbelt : neither will do as supplied , but with a little work you can make a proper Grenadier by modifying the sabre belt to take the bayonet scabbard, and with rather more work you can downgrade him to a Fusilier , but the shako ornaments and the shoulder straps would need replacing ; on reflection I think this is a ballsup rather than a Cunning Plan…

The shako , like their previous British offerings , looks slightly overscale.
The red tape decoration and cording are fine (,though the raquetts have an intermixture of gold thread , which is only appropriate for a Sergeant : a paint job will cure this) but it's far too thick at the headband , and clumsy-looking : a shame .

The sabre and bayonet look OK .

The Greatcoat is a very nice touch , though it could have had the same buttons as the coat .

The gaiters may need some work to make them look convincing, and the soles of the shoes are again rather thick .

The pack and pouch look OK : it's nice they've put in the pouch contents this time : full marks .

The musket : could be better . The lock is better than their previous offerings , but is still a bit crude . I can't measure the musket until I have one in my hands , but I think it looks about right .

The only real problem with this figure is the cock-up about the Grenadier/Fusilier bayonet carriage , and a few little things that could be improved like the tunic collar : but it would have been nice not to have to do the work.

All in All , 9/10 .


Captain Eyestrain
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I imagine the first batch has arrived at Modeller's Loft ( who deserve credit for funding these figures ) , but they don't have a price up yet , so I presume that they are not yet ready for orders .
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