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Just a quick question...did anyone else do what I did and pick up the DST Jack Bauer figure on clearance, throw away that god awful outfit, redress him and come out with a half decent figure? I got him for $14.99 CDN at Sunrise Records because I thought that was a pretty good price for the head sculpt (which IMHO isn't that bad) thinking I could put it on a different body when I got home. But after I stripped him, I found the body not to be too bad so I redressed him and put him on the shelf with my other Bauers and he looks just fine. I think (if I remember) that I am agreeing with Michael Crawford's review but I just wanted to tell anyone who sees it on clearance that it is a pretty good figure under those freakishly awful clothes.

P.S. One thing I forgot to mention were his inhumanly tiny feet. His shoes are ridiculously small and need to be boiled and popped and replaced with something else. There is a ball-joint holding the shoes to the ankles so a pair of boots with a pocket (sorry I am not all that up on all the different kinds of boots out there) or his feet could be dremeled down to fit inside an existing boot (it wouldn't take much let me tell you ). I just popped mine off and stuck his stumps inside a pair of boots. It doesn't affect the height to any noticeable degree and that was all the work I was willing to put into a fifteen dollar figure.
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