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Hello, I'm new in the forum, in this hobby I started a year ago
Well I'm a big fan of Devil May cry , the 1 and the 3 are my favorites the four more or less , the 2 ...I prefer don't mention it, one of my favorite characters is Vergil, I really want a figure of him , and I made this figure 3 weeks ago my fingers still hurts for the embroidering in the trenchcoat

I made the pants, boots, vest , shirt, tie , trenchcoat, gloves,(in leather) the body and the hands are from Hot Toys , the head was from a max steel re-sculped and adapted to the hot toys body , and painted, the katana is a mononofu

sorry about the pictures I'm adapting to my new camera, I need to learn

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Wow!!! That's amazing work! I can't believe someone has really made Vergil from scratch! That must be quite some work to make the costumes. I'm very impressed about the details.

Yes, I think you need a better camera and a few killer poses. I think the real quality of your work is covered up by the low res pics.

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