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Something taken from Wiki.

DEVGRU's mission is to provide intelligence and counter-terrorism services for the Dept of the Navy and the overall U.S. Special Operations Command, in addition to providing management for the development and testing of technologies under consideration for use by Naval Special Warfare forces such as SEALs.

DEVGRU is said to be composed of six different teams. Red for Assault with an Indian as mascot, Gold as the Premier Assault Team, Blue for Assault, Gray for Transportation, Black for Recon and/or Surveillance, and, finally, Green for New personnel who are in training.

Since not many people know what they carry for ops, Let me be a little inaccurate for this bash :knock

I'll probably be bashing a few operators. This is the first.

Hope all of you enjoy this.
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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