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Cool info Guys!!

Heres more info on the headsets, quoted from a 5th SFG operator.

"Here is the headset we use: SF Liberator.
We are looking at the Liberator II
The Liberators not only provide communications, but they also protect your hearing. And, they give you BIONIC hearing. The built in mics amplify ambient noise so you can hear the slightest sound or scuff of a boot. But when a sound, such as weapons fire begins, they detect the high decibel sound and shut off the amplifiers before it even gets to your ears. It works that fast. As soon as the high decibel sound drops, and I mean immediately, you have your amplified hearing again. The Liberators we use are modified EVEN FURTHER.

Here is a COMTAC:
1. Extra wide collapsible headband.
2. Specially designed cups to fit under helmet.
3. Individually sprung bands provide even distribution of pressure around ears.
4. Low, two-point fasteners for easy height adjustment with no protruding points.
5. Soft, broad ear cushions with built-in pressure evening liquid channel provide low pressure but effective sealing.
6. Audio input for connection to an external radio.
7. Battery cover for easy battery replacement from the outside ( two alkaline AA 1.5 volt batteries supplied ).
8. Microphones pick up and amplify ambient sounds in true stereo.
9. On/Off and volume control are digitally controlled with two well protected but easily accessible buttons on the right cup.
10. Dynamic boom microphone can be installed easily for two-way communication.

Be advised that not all SF units have the same headsets but will likely use something different. OUR Team was the first in 5th Group to use the Comtac solution - You know frogmen always are at the head of the pack And now it has been adapted by EVERYONE. "


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We referred to those deltoid protectors as "water wings". They also have panels that attach to the side of the vest under the armpits where the adjustment straps are and the vest opens up/overlaps. The water wings suck, and are used mainly by gunners in HMMWV's because the limit the infantryman's mobility so badly, and are even more of a hassle during the 130+ degree heat of the summer. My battalion made them mandatory on all dismounted infantry, unfortunately, and one of these photos is a picture of my guys wearing the things in Fallujah.

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hmmm... I'm not shure but the second last pics seems to show some kind of fast release body armor.
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