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Bungie and 3A proudly announce the highly anticipated DESTINY HUNTER - the third class of Guardian in 3A's 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure Series from the critically acclaimed game, DESTINY.
The Hunter comes in three exclusive editions - each edition comes complete with Ghost and are outfitted in shaders, armor, cloaks, and an array of weaponry curated by 3A and the team at Bungie.

comes with 2 pairs of exchangeable hands
SRP = 190USD

Bamba Limited Edition
Chatterwhite Shader

Shattered Vault Cloak
Ghost - Standard Shell
Imago Loop Hand Cannon
Broken Truth-LR1 Sniper Rifle
Dowager SA/3 Heavy Rocket Launcher
Ice Breaker Sniper Rifle

Bungie Limited Edition
Goldspiral Shader

Dead Revolution Cloak
Ghost - Quest Shell
Fatebringer Hand Cannon
Efrideet's Spear Sniper Rifle Efrideet
Dauphine SA/4 Heavy Rocket Launcher
Ice Breaker Sniper Rifle

Autumn Splendor Shader
Cloak of Taniks Cloak
附帶Ghost - Vanguard Shell
Imago Loop Hand Cannon
LDR-5001 Sniper Rifle LDR
Tomorrow's Answer Heavy Rocket Launcher

Finally purchased the Chatterwhite Shader version. Here's to help you decide if you want to get this.

The figure is just as advertised. Very fine details, with scattered of sand and dirt to illustrate the fact that the character has just been thru tough terrains. I think the majority of the suit can be removed, as i found the belts and trousers are fastened using velcro tape. However, i couldn't remove the chest armor. It seems to be glued dead.
Mobility wise, the arms and legs can do a variety of poses, except for the feet. The boots is hard-plastered, therefore not allowing any room for the ankle to move.

Although the youtuber who reviewed this figure replied me that the head is non-replaceable, but, to my delight, it totally can! Just need a correct adapter.

The cloak has wire fitted in it, to allow for posing.

The hand, however, may not be that adaptable for all kinds of bodies. I didn't try to remove the connector from the hand.

The rest of the accessories. The guns are quite light, easy for the figure to hold, yet looking very realistic and futuristic. I must mention the hands are pretty big for a female figure, so i doubt the smaller standard hands can hold it nicely.

Not a bad purchase, i supposed.


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anyone has these figures? is the head replaceable? is the outfit removable to put on another body? thnaks!
I picked up the middle one from the Bungie store with the Ice Breaker sniper rifle (along with the Bungie exclusive Warlock). They are very similar to the previous 3A Halo Spartans in that the armor is the figure - helmet and armor is not removable.

I was actually kind of bummed that McFarlane Toys started producing 6 inch figures, since it likely meant that 3A no longer had the license. I would have paid for separate weapon 'engram' packs with some of Destiny's other signature weapons like the Hard Light AR, Vex Mythoclast, Gjallarhorn rocket launcher or Sleeper Simulant:
Hard Light Exotic Review
Vex Mythoclast Exotic Review
Gjallarhorn Exotic Review
Taken King: Sleeper Simulant Exotic Review

Other sweet looking future guns:

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I was actually kind of bummed that McFarlane Toys started producing 6 inch figures, since it likely meant that 3A no longer had the license.
McFarlane also makes a 10" Destiny Lord Saladin that is really, really good -- close enough to 1/6 scale to make you think how great it would have been if only it could have been slightly larger and still priced around $50-$60. Unfortunately it's that weird scale that really doesn't match up with too much. The weapons can be used with 1/6 though strictly speaking they would be undersized, but they're kind of exaggerated to begin with.

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