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Haven't posted here in a long time, but I'm hoping someone has some loose parts or can point me to a link...

I abandoned customizing awhile back to write. I've been indie publishing on Kindle, a supersoldiers vs supernatural series of thrillers. I have a table reserved at a convention this summer and am working on a display. I am trying to do the display in 1/6, which means making the lead character out of a 13" tall DC direct body so he looks suitably larger than the other figures I have.

I have everything I need, except a good uniform and boots. I made passable ones, but my pants-making skills suck. I am looking for Some Sgt Rock pants, or even the Comedian, from the DC Direct 13" line to fit the figure. Boots would be gret as well. It's a modern commando figure, preferably all in black.

I'd also be interested in sites for people who can affordably customize something like this, r even a really good tutorial on pant making (but not too time intensive, the writing eats up all my free time). My own efforts came out laughable--far too baggy in the seat.

I'd also be interested in any Art S buck male figures anyone has unused. I have one, which is enough, but ideally a squad of four would be better.

I'll note I'm on an extreme budget right now, due to the wife's unemployment. I am willing to part with bits of my own meager collection, as I'm pouring all my time and efforts into this series.

Any links, tradelists, etc. Would be greatly appreciated.
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