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Hello everyone. I just completed my latest Bash. I started off with the DID Albert Halder figure. I decided to do a Normandy SS Sniper during the June 1944 time period. This figure I tried my hand at weathering. I air brushed the boots with dark brown Tamiya paint. I took another members tip about using pastel chalk to weather the uniform. I used the dark brown earth color on the knees, elbows, and stomach area. The most significant improvement is the Ti-Lite wood and metal Mauser 98. I have to say it is impressive! If anyone decides to order one, you will not be dissapointed. The last two pictures are close up pictures of the Ti-Lite mauser and my actual real Mauser 98. The Ti-Lite company did a remarkable job on the rifle! Here is a list of the items I replaced:

New DID head sculpt.
DID helmet
Battle gear toys PeaDot Uniform and Helmet cover.
Glory Venture cloth insignia's
Leather belt and harness.
Leather ammo pouch.
Ti-Lite Mauser 98 Sniper Rifle.
Bread Bag, Mess kit, and Canteen.
Medals and badges from Toy Soldier Brigade.

Thanks for looking!


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