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Delta Scud Hunter

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Hiya gurus,happy holidays to ya all :)

Bought an old Hts cia with a lot of missing gears but dead cheap :b
Tinkered over it during the festive season and this is wat i came out's a noobish bash & i'm stuck for ideas :confused:

Dun know how to secure the laser target designator to the b/pack, wud a LAW work here,anything input (gud or bad) is appreciated in advance :)
Tried weathering for the 1st time,,,any pointers too? Sorry for ansking too many questions at one go...LOLx

anything guys...thks for viewing


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awesome bash:thumb, CIA HS looks great and weathering is nice:hyper
Your Scud Hunter looks great!!!
Great job !!! I like the weatherig detail !!!
Looks Good !
Only thing I'd do to it is add a VHF antenna and maybe hang some pace beads on him.
But he looks great as is, well done!! :thumb :thumb :thumb
Looks cool man, awesome figure!! :thumb
Try to remember to keep it real/ i never had my clear water bottle on the out side of my pack but we try to show it all, that's ok. but this does look good!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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