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Death Sentence (Movie recommendation)

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New on DVD, Death Sentence is based on the Brian Garfield book of the same name. It follows a familiar theme of its predecessors in the Deathgenre, that of a lone vigilante meting out street justice to scumbag criminals.
There is no macho over the top comic-book heroism in this movie. It's a story of an ordinary man who finds his life destroyed by savages. It is his response that is extraordinary.
Kevin Bacon takes on the Charles Bronson role of an aggrieved father whose eldest son is murdered in an outrageous act of gang violence. When the criminal justice system proves to be insuffiicent and callous, Bacon decides to deal with matters more directly. But in so doing, he suffers the unintended consequences. As the danger mounts, he finds himself trapped in a situation he's ill-equipped to deal with. Law enforcement seems impotent, and Bacon is ultimately forced to take the fight to the enemy.
But, no one escapes unscathed in this movie.
I enjoyed it. Give it a whirl, see what you think!
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Nope, no wang flashing. No nekkidness a-tall. But Kelly Preston's looking pretty tasty!
Yeah I saw that move, distressing, his poor kid... but none the less It was rocking.

yea this movie is old (about 1 year) naw i loved it though kevin bacon kicked assssss
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