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Warning: Choking Hazard !
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First completed project for 2017 !!
Inspired by the incredible artist Steve McNiven's awesome page 1 artwork from the "Death Of Wolverine" mini-series.

This is the page that started it all.
I tried to stay as true as possible to his art although there wasn't really much reference for everything else not seen in this page !

The start of the story line details how a virus from the microverse caused Wolverine's mutant healing factor to burn out and stop working, allowing enemies from his past to attempt to finally kill him.

My Page 1 Tribute


Not much 'real-estate' to work with here so I did what I could :erm

- 13' x 9' piece of MDFas a base
- Floorboard and steps completed

- Foamboard wall attached
- Cabin door completed
- Basic exterior frame done
- Sidings done

- Arrows done
- Eventually recoloured

- Cabin roof done
- Lighting installed
- "Battle Damage" application completed

- Scratchbuilt 2 lanterns from bits of wood and wire
- Candles added and handles wrapped with string
- Weathered

- Screens added
- Completed

(I had 2 1/6 scale lanterns ready to go but I decided to use my scratch built lanterns instead)

- "Battle Damage" application on clothing
- Added super glue to the tears I made for the shirt and as fabric usually hardens when in contact so used clips to 'weigh down' the rips and pieces of loose fabric as it sets
- Weathering added

- Added blood splattering effect and more weathering

- Added blood drip effect
- Shading added

And that's all folks !
Sorry about the pics heavy post but lots I wanted to share :D
Thanks for dropping by !!

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This is amazing. Your love of the subject and dedication to detail is incredible. KOTM for sure. I especially love all the torn and bloody clothing, and the hair looks great.

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Not much 'real-estate' to work with here so I did what I could :erm

Well Leo, this made me laugh like :lol:lol:lol:lol

It looks like you are not very realistic with your own skills......

You have simply just amazing skills and your cabin is a totaly impressive

Hats off mister :bravo

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Outstanding!!!! I absolutely love this! Fantastic job!!!

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Excellent, just excellent :thumb
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