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Have both Boba and Jango and impressed with both.
Surprised no Morrison sculpt came with Boba (bad move)
Also dismayed that the jetpack that comes with Jango is the one that Boba wears.
Yeah, Jango wore a newer version in AOTC but his first jetpack was in his blue silver color scheme and was unique to him and not Boba as well.
I also found that that the Hasbro Jango sash/gunbelt is superior in color and look to Medicoms! Finally those spare parts will come in handy.
Even though Im the proud owner of an uber customized Marmit Fett the Medicom will replace it when its been tweaked to the "Jedi" color scheme.
Great figures. SS might eventually do these for less but I doubt the detail will be there.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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