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DCD 13" Classic Batman, RAH Jango Fett reviews

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DC Direct 13" Classic Batman

Medicom RAH Jango Fett

It's a sixth scale night, with two reviews of the big guys. Mine covers the latest release in the 13" Deluxe series from DC Direct, "classic" Batman. If you've got the notstalgia for the old Infantino/Adams style of art, then this is the figure for you. It's easily my favorite so far, although it still didn't quite get that extra half star...yet.

The guest review is from Mike Chan, and covers the new RAH Jango Fett from Medicom. He does a great review of comparing it with the earlier Boba Fett as well - check out all the reviews at the usual:

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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Thanks for the review man.
Thanks for the review, I promptly canceled my Jango after looking at the pictures from the review. Thanks for saving me from a figure that does not look as attractive as the photos on sideshow's website make it out to be!
Is it just me, or is this figure WAY OVER PRICED? Looking at the pictures in the review, this guy doesn't look that great. Hasbro made a decent Jango figure for its price point - $30.00 I think. It wasn't close to any Dragon, BBi or HT figure in terms of its quality and articulation, but you get what you pay for. The hasbro version has a great Morrison likeness and the damn helmet actually fits on his head! I had high hopes for this figure, but for $150.00, I think I'll wait for a Sideshow version. The $$$ I save can be used on two, maybe three figures (Dragon, of course). Then again, I kinda like the looks of that HT PMC with the big ass machine gun! :p
Hey guys. I have the figure and those pictures don't do the figure justice.

You might want to check out this page for more pictures or wait for edwint to get his jango and do some pics.|offset=170
i have the hasbro version and with some slight modification and a body upgrade it looks just as good or better than the medicom....
Auret said:
i have the hasbro version and with some slight modification and a body upgrade it looks just as good or better than the medicom....
Hi Terry, well for lesser mortals like me, medicom is a God-send. Plus the hasbro version never made it to my shores and was costing an arm and a leg on evil bay :fit
Honestly, those pictures just don't do the figure justice. I just got Jango and I can tell you right now, he's pretty damn awesome. The helmet can go down further on Jango's head than what is displayed in the pics, btw.

It's really a great figure. I'm grateful I got one.

Is it worth $150 or more? No, not unless you're actually a "fan" of the character in question... and not just Star Wars figures in general.
Have both Boba and Jango and impressed with both.
Surprised no Morrison sculpt came with Boba (bad move)
Also dismayed that the jetpack that comes with Jango is the one that Boba wears.
Yeah, Jango wore a newer version in AOTC but his first jetpack was in his blue silver color scheme and was unique to him and not Boba as well.
I also found that that the Hasbro Jango sash/gunbelt is superior in color and look to Medicoms! Finally those spare parts will come in handy.
Even though Im the proud owner of an uber customized Marmit Fett the Medicom will replace it when its been tweaked to the "Jedi" color scheme.
Great figures. SS might eventually do these for less but I doubt the detail will be there.
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