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Man without Fear


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nice work, now come on with some details:shades
head ,nunchuks and belt - marvel studios ben affleck
body suit - project-are
body - g3.5 w/ molded muscles
nunchuks w/ wire from michael's
blinds - home depot
faux wall paint - by behr

sorry about the background :)
He looks great! Very nicely done!! Definately a figure id love to bash as well someday. Great work! :thumb
thanks, guys. i think his head looks a bit big. you gotta hand it to ben affleck, real life or 1/6th his head is still big. :)
Great job. Love how he's perched on the cross/headstone (you forgot to add that in your description ;)).
Nice, what kind of boots is this ?
i think it was a bbi donald moore RAF. i just scraped the heels off
Frakkin' AWESOME!!! Great rendition of DD!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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