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Daniel Craig... 007... Quantum of Solace (2008)
1/6th scale customized by Zuno


Head Sculpt: Bergholz/Repainted
Body: Volks neo-guy/Weathered
Hands: Volks neo-guy/Weathered
Jacket: Harue
Shirts: dr figures/Customized
Tie: Custom Made
Belt: Harue
Pants: Harue
Shoes: Harue
Card: Custom Made
Rifle: DML/Customized
Base: Custom Made


Hi all,

I just finished Daniel Craig from the movie "007, Quantum of Solace".
I bashed him up based on the poster.
I hope you like my custom.

Zuno.. ^L^

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Oh my..... My jaw just dropped! And I thought the one from Loading Toys looks good... Yours I think looks just as good!!! The best one I've seen since Loading Toys.. Good job!!! Imagine how much that wld go for at Ebay....

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Head Sculpt Painting... ^L^

1. Andy Bergholz's original head sculpt
2. Mr. Surfacer 500
3. Mr. Base White 1000
4. Mr. Color 112
5. 1st Oil Paint
6. 2nd Oil Paint
7. 3rd Oil Paint
8. Mr. Super Clear Semi-Gloss
9. 4th Oil Paint / Mr. Super Clear Flat

Thanks all,
Here is my head sculpt painting process.

Thanks again,
Zuno... ^L^
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