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This picture heavy review will consider the compatibility of the DAM m320 and a comparison of the DAM m320 with m320s from other brands.

In this compatibility test, a wide range of rifles will be used from a variety of brands. We have DAM, Soldier Story ( SS ) , Flagset (FS) and Easy & Simple (ES). In this compatibility test, i have recreated the results with 3 different DAM m320s so as to ensure there are no anomalies.


In the left column , Easy & Simple Hk416 ( ES06002), Flagset M4, SS EGLM standalone module, SS Mk16 Scar L.

In the middle Column, SS Hk416 Long (old) , SS Hk416 FBI CIRG , SS Hk416 Short (old) , Ss Hk416 Short ( new version ) , SS hk416 short AOR 1 ( new version), SS 75th ranger m4 RIS II

In the right column, we have Dam hk416, Dam M27, Dam 78006 m4 ris II.

As you can see from the following pictures, the DAM M320 fits perfectly on DAM rails. No problems at all

Due to the nature of the Daniel Defense RIS II rails, i am unable to fully seat the m320 into the weapon until the m320 touches the magwell. The m320 slides easily and is smooth.

So now for the test, does the m230 fit onto the SS rails ? The answer : YES ! But there is a slight issue. The DAM m320 was made to fit perfectly on to DAM rails, not so for SS. of the 3 m320s i tested, 1 of the m320s were EXTREMELY hard to slide onto the soldier story rails. I have considered this to be an anomaly. The rest were slightly hard to slide , but not impossible. It was chicken feet after i applied some silicone lubricant to the rails.

As you can see from the pictures below, something on the SS hk416s is blocking the insertion of the DAM m320 , and i am unable to fully seat the DAM m320.

upon further investigation, i realized this is due to the design of the SS Hk416 rail pins.
On the DAM hk416 and M27, the rail pins are rectangular and flat,

However on the ss Hk416s, the rail pins are triangular, as seen in the picture below.

The tips of the triangular pins are blocking the full insertion of the DAM m320 and preventing me from fully seating the m320 against the Hk416 magwell. HOWEVER, if you use some force, you are able to force the m320 in. What happens if you do it correctly, is that you are forcing the triangular pins upwards, making some space for the m320 to slide in fully.

The downside of this is, once the m320 is seated fully, the triangular pins clam downwards onto the dam m320, making it very difficult to extract the m320 from the rail.

I have attempted to file down the triangular pins but to no avail. But as mentioned above, adding some silicone lubricant will aid in this attempt.

The rails on the SS mk16 SCAR L were extremely tight and to avoid damage to the fragile mk16, i abandoned the attempt to fix the m320 on.

The Easy & Simple rails, and the Flagset Rails fit on the m320 easily. Do note that as the easy and simple hk416 uses similar triangle pins as the ones on the SS hk416, you will encounter the same issue, unable to fully seat the m320 against the magwell, unless you use force to divert the pins upwards to make space.

For the comparision section, we will explore 3 M320s on the market:

From left to right, Simple Plan / ZY Toys M320 Version 1 , DAM m320, VTS M320, if you remember, i did a review on the H&G M320 : H&G M320 Review . The reason why i did not include the H&G M320 in this comparison is because it is unavailable in the market. Only a handful are floating around in china. Due to its relatively scarcity, i will omit it from the comparison.

Bearing in mind DAM and VTS are the same company and after handling both the DAM and VTS m320, it appears to me that they are both from the same mold with the DAM version being an upgraded version.

On the left we have the Zy toys m320, and the DAM m320 is on the right.
Both look good with crisp wording, but DAM pulls ahead. The spring that rotates the m320 tube on the DAM version is a real metal spring, while the ZY toys version is just painted to look like a spring.

Both Fire selectors are movable.

The DAM version can be further disassembled. I am not sure why i was able to remove the trigger piece and if it was a factory issue ( no glue ). Fear not, it is fixed on quite tightly and is held by friction, it wont come off unless you actively try to yank it off. The rail section is detachable as well.

In terms of ranking, i will have to put the DAM M320 in first place, followed by the VTS m320 and in last place the Zy toys M320. It caused me quite a headache trying to rank the VTS and ZY M320. The VTS m320 fits on standard rails, however it lacks any printing or other aesthetics. The ZY version comes with a ton of extras, shells, range finder, holster and crisp detailing, the only thing lacking is its ability to be fixed onto rifle rails.

For those of you who have read through my review on the Zy Toys M320 will know that there is a trick to enable you to slide the Zy M320 on to rifle rails. However this is an "unofficial" method and i will not consider this in the ranking.

Simple Plan / Zy toys is coming out with a version 2 of the M320. And they have announced that it will be fully compatible with rifle rails from the get go. No need to employ the unofficial method to achieve the same results. But it has been a long time since the announcement of the version 2 , and there has been no further news.

I have to conclude that the ZY Toys m320 still is most money worth, you get it in its own box, and a whole array of accessories. However the DAM M320 is a beauty, if you can get it together with the DAM m320 holster and accompanying accessories, it should set you back about 25 USD, at least that is what i have observed the market rate to be.

Just BEWARE, you will encounter mild to medium difficulty sliding it onto SS rails. DO not be frustrated. Add some lubrication and try again, it CAN be done. ** I will not be held liable to any broken rifles **

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Thank U, SAM !
It's a very helpful review ~

Currently, the M320 from DAM is the best one on the market
But, I lot guys here are also looking forward to the SS release like I do

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Nice work putting this all together, Sam. The detail has progressed to an impressive degree, since the models that came with the old Hasbro carded weapon sets.

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A very thorough review, as is to be expected from you Sam :) Thanks.

Will probably take one of these ( except the one in the CAG boxed set that I am still... waiting for)
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