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Warning: Choking Hazard !
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For the uninitiated, refer to his BIO here

This was a fun project for me with 2 firsts :
1. Applying ink onto a body
2. Applying hair onto a headsculpt
(I'd like to thank Calvin for his advise on the type of ink and glue btw..)

OK so here goes - with only tons of artwork and smaller scale customs as reference, here's the first ever (I think) Daken Akihiro in 1/6 scale !!

His bone claws :

Close up of his tattoos :

WIP : Bone Claws
I initially did the bone claws for his left fist but since the tattoo would be on the same side, I didnt want everything focused on only one side. I didnt like my first try anyway as I thought it was a little too thick.
(Yes yes i know, they're nothing compared to Robbiethepainter's awesome custom bone claws..)

WIP : Wigging
VD was the only HS I had lying around at the time that was bald (and I can kinda see him as Daken). Gave him a centre parting with a pencil, carved out a bit of the surface area along the line and applied the hair from the nape of the neck and worked my way upwards.

The dollhair I had was way to curly so hairgel was applied keep the curls down. I also wanted to try and get that mohawk'ish look as in the reference pictures but maybe I'll try it sometime in the future.

WIP : Tattoo
Oh man this $ucked on SO many levels. Controlled breathing and slow and steady strokes is key (if you have shakey hands - hold your breath with each stroke !!)...messed up a few times but nothing a bit of rubbing alcohol couldnt fix. I used the Micron Pens (they didnt have the brush nib in stock!) that Clavin recommended and I tried another brand (with a brush nib) called "Marvy Uchida".

Once done, I coated the body with a few layers of Mr Super Clear FLAT and that was it !

That's all folks and thanks for stopping by !
Hope you like ! :)

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Great looking figure! Love the tattoo work, really paid off and cheers for the tip on the brush pens too!:thumb

Warning: Choking Hazard !
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That's an eye-catcher, Leo. I was not aware of his story, this is all most impressive.
Thank you sir :)

ok? what is this? it is cool! i should look at his bio and have. cool a marvel character!
Outstanding job. For those who don't know the character that is Wolverines son.
Thanks CobraTrooper and hoodonit..Daken is a [email protected]$$

Really cool!
amazing job!
Thank you sirs !

Say what?
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Man... That's excellent.

The mod on the hair is what caught my attention.

Mighty nice work on a lot of levels.
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