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Ya know I love the specfigure books. I have #3 coming. Why is it that the Japanese customizers can get together enough to put out such great books, but as many great American Customizers as there are we ca'nt seem to be able to do the same thing?
So I'll take point on this idea. If there are others interested? I think with all the great talent around here we could put out one heck of a great customizing book.
We're gonna need customizers that are willing to show their work and how to's. Graphix people that will help build the pages. Most of all backers that will help fund the project.
Step on the ready line people if you think your up for the chore.


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I have a few opinions on that.

A.Those guys may be closer to each other,in living terms,than alot of us US guys maybe.But that being said,I live pretty close to a few guys I know of(NastyNando,PVTNoclass,Vapor360,Docholliday666,plus a few others).And they may have alot more free time than the rest of us.

B.Alot of guys may be embarrassed that they play with dolls,actionfigures,whatever you want to call it.The Asians love toys!!!!!And it is,to me anyways,very common to have toys.

It also may be that their skills are alot more advanced than ours.

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This has been talked about before on this board, then it just seems to fade away. Either that or the powers that be seem to use that term, "it's in the works", making it seem like an insider secret that us commoners aren't good enough to know about. Just like that supposed OSW figure.
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