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Custom x23 - modding the clone

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Logan was a good movie and I think Dafne Keene was the actual star of the show.
Been a fan of the character ever since she was first introduced in the books being the reason why I bought the 2 versions from Asmus.
As usual - it need some mods and so here they are :

Version 1 right out of the box :

I've always been annoyed with single jointed knees and elbows - it's just so restrictive.
Version 1 & 2 modded for better articulation around the knees and to enable a more natural kneeling position :
This is teen body Ver. 2 marked for knee surgery (after successfully experimenting on Ver. 1)

Knee joint replacement in progress :

Version 1 modded and with a custom angry face and home made foot claw :

Version 2 modded, styled and weathered with generous amounts of blood applied :

I also had a few loose parts lying around and so decided to try out a TBL S27B body (the one everyone has been complaining about that nothing fits).
Well - they were all right : nothing fits - and not without some work. She came out okay but I cannot see myself using this petite sized body with other 1/6 scale parts/clothing.

For size reference :
Laura next to Gimli.

Laura next to one of the Gemini girls I upgraded (have to find the time to take more pics of her!!) :

That's all folks !
Thanks for dropping by !
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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