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Custom spec ops weapons

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Hi guys just a few custom guns i did over the week!
I really hate this BBI SAW so i decided to change it!

After a lot of work chopping and painting this is what came out the other side!

I also added the punisher styled skull to the ammo box!

And a pretty crude looking kill tally!more to do!!



I also did BBI's Scar's AK.

Added a new handle as i hate the handle on AK's.

Well hope you guys like!
And as always please tell if you like or dislike and why!
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sweet work:devilhnd
Awesome work! I love the markings on the ammo box! :thumb
Dude, that is some excellent tedious work you've done there...Great job!
Very nice, love the saw!!
cheers guys!
i am planning on putting a scope on the AK does any body know which scope would suit best?
does any body know of any materials that would be laying about the house that would make good bullets for the XM8?
hey..maybe you could use the metal tip from a pen or ballpen...i guess you'll need 2 buy a lot of pen if it works... :p
try barrel beads from the jewellery section of your local craft store. By the way, they look pretty good as a carpet of spent casings.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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