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Hello there people, just wanted to share my latest project.
I worked on him all night yesterday.
I wanted to make a Fallschirmjager sniper bash and this is what I came up with.
This bash will be sold as soon as I make a diorama base for him, but he will have a differnt headsculpt, everything else would be the same.

So let me know if you're interested with a reasonable price.

BBI FJ Smock
DML Luftwaffe Jacket
BBi Metal FJ helmet w/ custom made straps.
DML Sniper rifle w/ wood grain paint job.
DML Fallie mountain boots
DML FJ K-98 badolier
DML Tropical scarf
DID Sniper camoflauge mask
DML Tropical Trousers
DML Gas Mask Canister

Reapinted head sculpt and hands.

So here it is.


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Superb head painting once again, no doubt about it :thumb
Just 2 things I may offer my humble suggestions.

1. You may want to consider trimming the helmet strap and then add a leather restrainer loop to hold all those extra length when fastened.

2. I don't belief in WW2, velcro is used yet. So you may want to remove the velcro on the kar98 ammo bandolier and use double sided tape to tape the flap shut.

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