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Custom Joker figure!

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Hey guys! Long time no post for me... just been really busy. But I just wanted to share a few projects I have done lately, so here goes...

First up is my own interpretation of the Joker, I felt a bit inspired by the new Dark Knight trailer... that Joker being sooo close to what I would have done design wise to the Joker. So I decided to tackle my own vision of that character. I will eventually do a few of the other characters in Batman's rogues gallery, Two Face, Mr Freeze, Catwoman and eventually Batman himself.. but at least this was a start.. I hope you enjoy!

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very cool... what head did you start with
Damn, you beat me to the chase. I'm working on my own Joker at this very moment, but yours kicks ass! Yeah, I'm also working on Batman. His head is a killer. In the future, I'm going to make Catwoman, Riddler, Scarecrow, Two-Face, and Gordon figures. Great minds think alike.
MFisher said:
very cool... what head did you start with

Thanks a lot guys! I started with the Sideshow Eddie Rickenbacker head, sculpted the brows, mouth and hair. Used a ACI suit set, a tie from the Cigarette smoking Man figure... painted purple, some gloved hands and weapons...
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wickedly cool!!!!
Awesome mod of the HS and cool bash!!!
Thank you so much guys! Just wait and see what I intend to do with my Ledger Joker version! And the coming Batman and Two Face. :thumb
Josh, welcome aboard! Very creative Joker! You bring out the character. I also been to your personal site and was quite impressed about your work. Simply awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing your version of Two Face and Batman.
Im sure Eddie Rickenbacher is rolling in his grave ;)
This is a great take on the Joker but some bright green socks or a colorful hanky in his left breast pocket might be in order.
Maybe paint the gloves?
Awesome stuff
fantastic !! I cant believe that was once Rickenbacher !! Thats a hell of a custom
Supa Cool man.. A fitting advisary for the DarK night.
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