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Been collecting Hot Toys for a couple of years, but never tried to make a custom figure. When I saw the Headplay "Clint" head I couldn't resist. Used the headplay head, a Hot Toys True Type TTM18 body and kitbashed most of the other stuff from the DC Direct 1/6 Jonah Hex Figure. Bought the rest on ebay to make an Outlaw Josey Wales outfit and an outfit like what Clint Eastwood wore in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly series.

Sports gear Sleeve Jersey Military uniform Beard

Sleeve Ballistic vest Beard Shotgun Personal protective equipment

Outerwear Astronaut Blue World Belt

Photograph Hat Human Beard Military uniform

Here is some of the artwork I did for the box. I used the Jonah Hex Box and superglued the new art over the old, it came out really good.

Mountain Sky Light Natural landscape Slope

Clothing Outerwear Adaptation People Shotgun

This is the picture I used for the front of the box:

Art Cool Sky Poster Movie

Gesture Air gun Shotgun Machine gun Beard

Overall, very happy with how it came out, need to find a better cowboy hat though.

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Very nice. You may want to check the spelling on the word scale. You spelled it s-c-l-a-e.

Great job on the Eastwood head. I can hardly recognize it as the currenty white-haired version. I have have to give that a try.


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Very nice,

I too wouldn't have picked the Headplay sculpt, but you've shown that it really can work. I have an old MGS suit lying around and if I de-aged the sculpt the same way you have, a Mitchell Gant might just be possible.

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