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HT - TTF cuban american, short haircut
Dollfigures - Hunter outfit (male)
custom - black armsleeve
VeryHot - belt + pistol + knife + grey gasmask bag
unknown - SL9 sniper rifle
ZC? - Biker helmet grey
NewRay - CBR

On the first few photos I haven't added the armsleeves and belt :doh

on the later photos, suddenly it was cloudy and my room was getting dark, so I will make better photos tomorrow with better lighting

I planned to paint the bike, but have not been done yet, I wanted to get rid of the orange, and made it silver and satin black

certainly I need a better pair of boots

But for now, I'm totally happy with how this little project comes out. :headspin:dancing

next one I will have a white assassin as her rival, waiting for the body to arrive:ready
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