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C Company
25th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized)
4th Armored Division
Operation Cobra
Coutances, France
29 July 1944

Last weekend a few of us were over at Cory's (panzerallan) house for a swap meet/lunch/and plenty of WWII and WWII action figure discussion. We were trying to do a diorama in his French town display but we didn't kit up enough figures for it to happen. I managed to re-do two of my 4Δ 25 C figures - the captain and the company first sergeant - so they graciously posed in the town for me. The captain is a variation on a theme of DML's Ben Harris figure - he's come quite a long way... The company first sergeant is based off of a photo of a GI holding a Thompson in the middle of a group of other GIs next to a 2nd Armored Division reconnaissance Jeep.

You can check out what they looked like last year in this thread:

Operation Cobra - 4th Armored Division - 25th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) - THE SIXTH DIVISION

The photos from Photobucket still appear to be up.




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Terrific figures, Fred. Perfect for that amazing setting, and I agree that the B&W is the cherry on top.
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