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Count Dooku with Super Battle Droid WIP

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Christopher Lee. The name inspires fear in the hearts of us 40-somethings and older who watched Mr. Lee portray Dracula in the irrepressable Hammer Studios Dracula films. His baleful gaze was enough to make a kid in the early 1970's fear the coming on of night time as Dracula was sure to take your life sometime in the dark. Of all the villains introduced in the prequel Star Wars films Count Dooku represented the best that evil could muster, masterfully portrayed by Mr. Lee, and my absolute favorite. A onetime Jedi master, now grown disgruntled with the Senate and the crumbling of the government which at one time he'd sworn to uphold. Elegant and deadly, he has now thrown himself under the mantle of his new name, Darth Tyrannus, Lord of the Sith. The Hasbro Star Wars offerings are most times frustrating...they nailed IMO the creatures and droids, and usually fell short with their humanoid offerings. Their Dooku is no exception in the frustration department; but, when stripped of paint, the excellent HS finally reveals itself. At this point I've repainted the HS, and performed surgery to mount the head onto a Sideshow body for height (Mr. Lee comes in at almost 6'4"...the combat Joe body just wasn't going to work). The clothing, belt, and boots (surprisingly...the boots!) really don't need much work, just some slight weathering which I'll do next. Hasbro's Super Battle Droid is actually very well done, and with some surgery to improve the poseability will make a very nice Star Wars piece. At this time I've misted the droid with Tamiya aluminum in the spray can, with more repainting and weathering to follow. I sawed off the right arm and reposed it with brass to allow the signature droid stance with the gun-arm readying itself to attack. This has been a really fun project so far...will post finished pics soon.
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Awsome! That Hasbro HS is the best (Hasbro HS) out there oddly enough, you've repainted it well. Looking forward to the final outcome. Like the repose of the battle droid too.
looks really nice.
Sweet! Great HS and repaint.
Great work, duralumin. Love the HS repaint (agree it was one of Hasbro's best) and transferring him to an Art S. Buck. Can't wait to see what else you do with this custom.
That's a Hasbro headsculpt?! Holy Crap! I never would have guessed. Excellent job.
Indeed that was one of Hasbros great sculpts, and you've done it justice with all the work you've put into your Count Dooku. IMHO the character could have been cooler or more dark in the film, but whatever, thats just me.
Great Dooku, Dura, and nice job on the SBD as well, Definitely a great ready for action pose.
Many thanks gang! I thought the HS looked pretty good out of the box, but I was truly astonished when I saw it for the first time with primer on photo isn't really showing off the wrinkling around the eyes, and other subtle touches in what IMO is one of the best likenesses period. I've heard that occasionally Hasbro used scanned likenesses, and since there was a fully rendered CG version of Dooku it makes me wonder if the HS is the result of a scanning. Either way, sculpted by computer or by hand, great fodder for a custom. A little more work on the droid and Dooku, and should have finished pics up soon. Thanks again all!
<looking over at stock dooku on shelf>. HOLY CRAP thats the same figure!??!?!
Wanna paint my head!?!?!

ok that came out wrong...
LMAO HR1! Ain't it a shame with all of the double entendres (I'm sure I didn't spell that correctly) that almost anything can be misconstrued...LOL! You've got pm.
Many thanks rhino!
Stunning...Dooku is one of my favorite characters in the Saga..So much untapped potential for that character...I think I need to go to Wikipedia to do some reading on him to find out if the came up with anything new...
Thanks Dunedin and Corran! Yep...Dooku is one of my very favorite characters in all of the films...I've always been fascinated by characters that were once elevated and then fall to the utter the fact that Christopher Lee is one of my favorite acters PERIOD. There was this dark part of me that wanted to see him kick Anakin's ass a little For anybody interested in Mr. Lee there is this fascinating movie called Flesh And Blood (readily available on dvd)...a history of sorts concerning the rise of Britain's Hammer Studios and their many movies of the macabre...wonderfully narrated by Mr. Lee and Peter Cushing...absolutely great stuff. Thanks again all!
Fantastic work !!! What a great likeness to "Francisco Scaramanga".. :)
Thanks Wysdom! Also, tip of the hat to the Scaramanga 007 villain role that Mr. Lee made famous! Currently am working on the joints for the Super Droid utilizing RC helicopter ball joints...trying not to make them too noticeable. Might have to scratch this idea, but it's been an informative learning curve trying to enhance the poseability of the droid.
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