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Corrigan Holsters / Murray Corrigan

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I recently received my very first order of custom holsters from Corrigan Holsters/Murray Corrigan.

I knew of Murray Corrigan for quite some time and even own one of his very early/first custom double pistol shoulder rigs I acquired second hand some years ago, but never had the opportunity to actually buy from him until recently.

One was a James Bond Walther PPK and the other is a special custom rig for a project I'm working on.

Murray kept me informed of the custom rig's status and requested payment once it was completed. I received the rigs on a timely basis.

I'll be ordering from him again soon.
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Thanks again Chung! Btw, I would love to see the pictures when your done!
Murry is great! I have not used him in a while, but he is outstanding. Fast service and he is a member here on the forum.:thumb
Thanks for the kind words. Still here, just don't have to much to say these days. Although the caliber of work being done continues to amaze me! Keep it up everyone!
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