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COOMODEL NO.SE011 压铸合金 1/6 帝国系列 - 皇家骑士


- 头雕
- 素体
- 6只替换手型(2只握拳手型+2只开掌银甲手型+2只持握银甲手型)

- 黑色长袖内衫
- 黑色裤子
- 半身锁子甲
- 银色头盔
- 银色半身板甲
- 银色臂甲
- 银色膝甲
- 银色腿甲
- 皮质腰带

- 十字长劒
- 长劒剑鞘
- 护身短劒
- 短劒剑鞘
- 长柄战斧

- 木纹支架

- 板甲主材质80%左右金属
- 皮革面料加强升级
- 全新2.0加强版素体

COOMODEL NO.SE011 Diecast Alloy 1/6 Series of Empires - Royal Knight

The 1/6th scale Royal Knight Collectible Figure specially features:

- One (1) head sculpture of angry expression
- One (1) body
- Six (6) pieces of interchangeable palms (2 bare fists, 2 open palms and 2 weapon holding hands in silver armour)

- One (1) black shirt
- One (1) pair of black pants
- One (1) suit of chain armour
- One (1) silver helmet
- One (1) suit of upper body plate armour
- One (1) pair of silver vambraces
- One (1) pair of silver knee armour
- One (1) pair of silver cuishes
- One (1) double layer leather belt

- One (1) knight sword
- One (1) sword scabbard
- One (1) dagger
- One (1) dagger scabbard
- One (1) battleaxe

- One (1) wood figure stand

- 80% of plate armour matrial is metal
- Leather material upgraded
- All new action body 2.0 used


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It is a little hit and miss. The breastplate is good but it is rare for these to be worn without a backplate. The neck gorget is good. The helmet and wrist bracers are fantasy. The shoulder pauldrons are too big and historical armour rarely had symmetrical shoulder pauldrons; the left pauldron is usually larger than the right. The articulated plates on the upper arm shouldn't reach down near the elbow. The gauntlets are very cool. The tassets hanging off the breastplate on the thighs are ok. The articulation on the knees should be at the back of the leg, not on the front under the knee cop. It is hard to see the sabatons on the feet but they seem to be ok. The mail shirt doesn't look realistic but that is forgivable; the only way to get authentic-looking mail is to make it from thousands of tiny links, which costs a fortune. The mail should be a lot longer - reaching down to the thighs. The long pants are ok but should fit the legs more tightly.

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Jousting armour didn't have symmetrical shoulder pauldrons. Jousting armour didn't have a gorget that small. Jousting armour never incorporated a helmet shaped like that. Jousting armour never had those weird articulated plates on the upper arm - a lance hitting those would rip off the plates and destroy the arm. They should be articulated with the overlap running the other way like the leg tassets and shoulder pauldrons. Proper upper arm rerebraces are just one solid plate; the articulations should only cover the shoulder.

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I wonder with regard to the articulation of the arms couldn't the same be said of the shoulder pauldrons that being said i can see your point about the over lap being the wrong way. i also query his sword it seems too big and out of scale even for a hand and a half sword

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I really like this figure, but CooModel is so damn slow to get stuff to market, that I think I'll wait a while.

My wife ordered their 12 Paladins of Charlemagne figure for me for my birthday (end of Nov.) It was supposed to have a Q4 2016 release, but it's still nowhere in sight. Updated release shows Q1 2017, but we're rapidly running out of Q1.

Seems like I waited forever to get the CooModel werewolf, too. Well worth the wait, but damn...

I really love their designs, but hate the time lag.

It really kind of pisses me off that we have to yield to a Chinese business model for most figures these days. I don't live in China.

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Looks very cool! Not really accurate, but cool. Appears based off a video game or movie or TV show.

Also, the head sculpt seems to have a young Sean Connery vibe, IMHO.

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I said it didn't have a backplate. I may be mistaken but a photo of the back would be helpful. Sometimes a model can look great from the front but complete rubbish at the back. I hope it does have a backplate - the torso armour is the best part.
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