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Confederate Guerilla - Vintage Action Man

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There seems to be some vintage G I JOE/ACTION MAN fans on the board, so I thought I'd post details of my latest vintage Action Man project.

The following is a break-down of the items included in the project:

I used a blonde bearded VAM that I recently acquired on Ebay. My intention was to create a Confederate Guerilla, perhaps a bit like Josey Wales, but still with some informal connection to a CSA fighting unit, etc. With this in mind, I wanted the figure's accessories to be somewhat unique and a departure from the common weapons/accessories of the Civil War era. I'm no expert when it comes to the Civil War, so I apologise for any inaccuracies - my intention was never to create a 'historically-correct' figure, rather, one that I would have loved to own as a kid back in the 70's!

I used a number of items from Stevo's site ( He is a fantastic 1/6 scale artist and I can't recommend his work highly enough.

Brown Hat/Gold Cord (created by Steve - I added the feather to the brim)
CSA Shirt (I think this is a Sideshow creation - purchased from Monkey Depot)
CSA Pants (again, I think this is a Sideshow creation - also purchased from Monkey Depot)
Boots/Spurs (purchased from Steve's web-site, but not created by him)
Sabre (possibly from a Sideshow set - also purchased from Monkey Depot)
Battlefield of Antietam Map (scratch-built by myself, image from the internet)
Dynamite (scratch-built by myself using Sculpey)
Water Canteen (scratch-built by myself using Sculpey/Leather)
Corn Cob Pipe (scratch-built by myself using Sculpey)
Bed-Roll (scratch-built by myself)
Civil War Binoculars (cast and painted by Steve)
1860 Henry Rifle (cast and painted by Steve)
LeMat CSA Revolvers & Rig/Derringer Pistol/Bowie Knife & Sheath (all created by Steve)
Retail Packaging/Inserts (all my own work, with the exception of the actual box, which was pre-made)

The outdoor photos were taken on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia. If you want to see additional photos, I'll be posting about twenty in total at my website in due course.

Hope you enjoy the photos!


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WOW Craig!! If i were a millionaire i would buy 2 of each of your awesome AM figures!! You really are an amazing talent, absolutely love your figures!! Really takes you back to the AM/Adventure Team days back in the 70's!!! Really like how you put him together, He would definately give Albert a run for his money!!
Great work Craig, its a real pleasure seeing your works!! :thumb
Fantastic figure and presentation!

Cracking good work!
Love your custom VAM projects dude!!
I like the figure, but lose the big ass feather in his hat.
That's awesome! Solid figure and presentation.
Amazing! Love the leatherwork on the holsters, etc., and the Yellowboy.
He looks fantastic! Is the rig and such from Stevo? Or did you make it?
"Is the rig and such from Stevo?"

Yep, it's one of Steve's creations. He did a great job.
"I like the figure, but lose the big ass feather in his hat."

LOL, the feather is probably not quite to scale, but I think it adds a bit of variety/contrast to the figure. I don't think it's too far off what might have been found during the war...maybe my figure got the feather from a big ass bush turkey? :)

Certainly some dudes during the war liked their feathers on the bigger side :)

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Sweet work krakajac. You made some great accessories too.
great work with the entire package! i'm always looking forward to your action man "releases".
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