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Did not see a thread for these guys and gals so here's one for my first OSW post! This can be a place to ask questions and get answers about these amazing figures.
Human body Toy Gesture Waist Chest

While the Axe red head there remains the absolute BEST bikini clad figure on EARTH, the ebony vixen Vespid(middle) has an ability Miss Tyris will never be able to do... get completely naked.

Toy Cartoon Art Thigh Event

Yep, those black undies and armor plate... they can go bye bye boys and girls.
Helmet Chest Barechested Belt Art

For those brand new to this figure line, aide from their utter awesome aesthetic, aside from being able to mix and match virtually all their accessories between, aside from being able to create the perfect Ancient Roman diorama, perhaps the most amazing thing about the Combatant figures is they can all get NAKED!!! 馃槣 Ummm yes I'm a perv. Aren't you??

Now for my question... does any of you know a super easy way to remove the feet/sandal parts from the figure legs? I have tried blow dryer, boiling water, etc. I got THIS CLOSE to breaking the ankle joints. I ended up having to Xacto into my Vespid figure's sandal foot to safely get her naked foot on instead.

Is there a better way??
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