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here are several pics of works in progress
I've finished a wolverine custom which can be viewed here
here is a Golgo 13 that is a work in progress
I've modified his gun more and will post a pic of that soon

my casey jones, a huge work in progress, sitting next to my now finished wolverine, then it was in its infancy
casey is going to get a good grinding on his sculpted hair and some realistic hair added in

here is his mask, I hope my sculpting isn't too atrocious
its gonna get a paint job by the same guy who I had help me paint my Wolverine project and leather straps

and here are some wip shots of wolverine, which you can see finished in the link above


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Great Stuff, moogaman!

I like 'em all, but I'm a big fan of Duke Togo. You are hard core on your builds, and it shows.
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