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So it's Firefly's turn to receive his much needed complete makeover. It's one of the hardest update among my Resolute Joe series coz I envision him to steer closer to the classic look, but with loads of modern touch; and yet trying as much as possible to stay far away from the influence of SST version. Have been debating whether to give him a fancy TP-9 or MP-7, seeing them too often in bashes though have me ended up modding a Uzi for him instead. He looks better with a battle proven veteran hardware. Custom parts are pretty much fabricated from junk parts bin. No idea if I'll build Black Out & Munitia to complete the H.I.S.S. team, we'll see. But then again, I'll have to build Barrel Roll as well to complement him and Bombstrike. Firefly's pretty much done, no more updates for him at least in the near future. Now just leaves Lowlight & Snake Eyes waiting for their turn to be revamped.

What I have done so far......
•Head: TTM16 with upper half of the face repainted. Balaclava is custom made from reprocessed old 21C urban camo shirt. Normally I have reservation on using melon head, but in this case my impression is on the favor side; perhaps that has to do with the masked face.
•Multi-spectrum goggle - Custom piece using 21C swat goggles as base, rebuilt with apoxie & junkparts.
•Jumpsuit - 2-piece 21C urban camo bdu converted into one piece jumpsuit. Removed the gigantic snap fasteners. Added centerline zipper, ribbed pattern ankle cuffs & resewed wrist cuffs.
•Turtle neck sweater - custom ribbed pattern fabric. Rit-dyed and retinted with acrylic washes.
•Tactical boots - The bastard child of ACE black leather boots & HT Merrel soles. Inner side walls of the soles were dremeled until almost paper thin and then glued directly onto the boots.
•Waist pouches and harness - modded from assortments of HT/bbi pouches & dropdowns. Larger pouches were lined with styrene panels to give them better shape.
•Slingpack - Playhouse(?) GSG-9 piece with custom pouch for detonator master switch.
•Wrist mounted digital assistance - Modded from fashion doll playset.
•Uzi- 21C conversion with fictional setup.
•C4 - Custom piece. Explosive was traced & cut from rubber eraser, then repainted. Keypad was modded from old 21C swat radio set.
•Pursuit Deterrent Munitions - custom junk parts. Actually 1/100 mecha parts.
•Detonator master switch - modified Armoury radio set.

Normally Firefly relies on his wrist mounted mobile device to activate jamming or charges, but in case the device was inoperable, he still has a last resort master switch packed on the sling pack as backup.

Firefly's hardware, clockwise from top left.
Uzi - a complete fictional setup, but I did take the clues from a few aftermarket mods and spinned it from there.
C4s - modded from rubber eraser & 21c swat radio sets.
Multi-spectrum goggles - Black market item, but modified by Firefly himself.
M.A.R.S. Industries M90 Pursuit Deterrent Munitions - One of Firefly's fav. ambush weapons against G.I. Joe pursuit teams. Built-in cloaking feature allows it to blend in with surroundings and undetectable by latest mine-detecting tools and canine units. Many Green Shirts were taken out or maimed has led the command staff to believe that their latest mind-detecting protocols have been compromised by M.A.R.S. slicers.
M.A.R.S. Industries Tactical Binos - Purchased at Cobra's Troop Outlet, but sent back to M.A.R.S. tech support for software and hardware upgrades.

Not much WIP shots this time, but I did snap a few.
Early wip of the waist harness. I lined the interior of the large pouches with styrene panels just like those camera case inner panels. They are supposedly equipment pouches for Firefly's sophisticated sabotage hardware and satchel charges, so more adequate protection is warranted.

Another wip of the waist harness, probably half way through. Styrene panels already glued onto the pouches' inner wall, now waiting for the adhesive to set.

Quick test fit of the pre-modded pieces.

Last but not the least, Firefly V1

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OMG, finally a new work from the master himself, mind blogging as always!!!
Love FIREFLY, and LOVE your's for sure, and what I LOVE EVEN MORE is your custom list, man, I really admire how you are able to make 21C "vintage"parts looks so freaking awesome, another lesson learnt!!! SALUTE!!!

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That is a lot of Xylitol tablets you take, Leo! L:)L

Tremendous effort again resulting in a very good looking 1/6th fig.
Yay on the reuse of 21C clothing, Uzi, goggle base and keypad. Results are excellent, my friend!

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Awesome as always! I love this take on Firefly and the amount of custom work you put into this (and all of) your bashes is really impressive. Fantastic stuff!
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