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Clear shot of Batmans new suit

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Still prefer the first one.


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Suit is alot better... the belt is not better, i really liked the gold belt he had in the 1st one :(
Love the "Got Milk" posters. Have quite a few. Suit looks great and I look forward to the figure.
Its the same belt as before. The pic just has a blue tint/wash/filter to it.
Man I hate that suit. But I trust the director and I think he can make it work. I'm hoping it's a last-resort battle-suit that he will not keep in the third film, since the original suit shows up in this one.

I mean, you throw some erect nipples on that badboy and you have a Schumacer travesty all over again...
^ Lol Ashton. I liked the dark, not well seen version from the first one. It looked sleek, and well, with the cowl and cape you have the dark knight in spirit.

The trend of hollywood's multipiece, funky lined, sci-fi, HALO/Crysis suits is amusing.
Don't like it not at all.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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