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Cleaning white belts

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Does anyone have any suggestions about how to clean stained white crossbelts for figures? I recently purchased a DID Brit Highlander figure (Angus), and the red of his tunic bled into the white crossbelt he was wearing (see pit). I believe the belt if vinyl, and tried soap and water but didn't seem to do anythinng. I have other figures where this has happened as well.

Thanks in advance, Craig

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There's red on that?? I'm not kidding I see nothing :)
There's red on that?? I'm not kidding I see nothing :)
Its a poor quality pic, but trust me, the red is there (near where the bayonet sheath would sit). Its more of a slight smear of color vice solid color. Any cleaning suggestions? I'm guessing this is a common issue with older figures that sit in a box (this fig is from 2005 and was still strapped in his box).
I can't tell for sure, but unfortunately you can't clean that. Consider it "dyed" into the belt. If it were mine, I'd dry brush it with some white acrylic paint in those areas where the stains are. I can't tell you how many items of mine have been stained like that but it's plenty. The dry brushing has always worked well for me. Good luck.
Thanks - dry brushing is great suggestion. Will give that a try.
Thx again!(y)
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