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I'm sure you're all getting tired of seeing me doing another Joe, ya? I promise I will stop and do something else soon, but lets have another one now, shall we? :p

There are a few excellent Chuckles on our board. Some went with the spot-on classic style and then others went for original interpretations. Love them all to be honest. I have been wanting to take a stab on him with a more modern interpretation. Biggest stumble block is almost always the Hulu shirt. Glad I didn't resort into using the hideous fake Hulu from DML's CID Wai. Acting on a credible lead from an awesome gent here (you know who you are :D), finally tracked down an awesome piece from Asmus Toys. Took a while to get here but well worth the wait. My interpretation is a far cry from the classic Chuckles. Since his primary MO is criminal investigations with secondary on intelligence to boot; thought he should be more low profile. Sporting a rather non-regulation grooming with a laid back appearance and pack a concealed piece would make him blend in more easily. He's also more seasoned, and alert under the casual appearance. Chuckles is more or less a semi statue unfortunately as I don't want to move the arms too much and hence cracking the paint on the torso. Maybe someday I will do another version with regular nude instead.

I expanded his bio a little more just to encompass the style of my version.

Sergeant Philip Provost was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. Coming from a military family background, Philip moved a lot because of his father's career as an air force pilot. The overseas experience not only broadened his view, but also picked up several languages along the way which proved to be valuable in his future works in intelligence gathering. Philip returned to the States years later; enlisted into army and worked his way to Army CID special agent until being recruited into G. I. Joe.

He's now landed at Honolulu International. Deep down he wishes this was a big wave surfing trip which he usually does during this time of year, but rather it's a crucial intelligence gathering mission on possible Cobra threat which targets Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam(JBPHH), Hawaii. Several avid local surfers who worked at JBPHH with sensitive military clearances recently died in seemingly freak surfing accidents on Oahu's north shores. Two prominent bio-tech researchers from west coast also disappeared around the same time. With USS Flagg battle group just docked at Pearl harbour two days ago in prepare for a classified mission against a secret Cobra base at the Kuril Island chain. General Hawk has reason to believe the missing researchers and dead surfers were part of a plot to launch a preemptive strike against the task force, neutralize the base or maybe even decimate the civilian population on Oahu altogether. Even worse the base could have already been penetrated by Cobra agents. Chuckles volunteered to conduct covert intel gathering mission which starts with the dead surfers. His background in big wave surfing circle makes him the perfect man to snoop on the local surfing communities. JBPHH on the other hand has no idea his real identity and mission, so he will be on his own when trying to access the base.

Concealed holster is made from scrap leather.

Now a couple of early wip...sort of...
The muscle body is from our own iyiyyy's ebay outfit. Excellent offering, Kit.
Repainted to a more suntanned skin tone. The adaptor is a quick mode bbi G3 style neck piece. Head is from DML, Stripped/repainted, and rerooted with doll hair. I always save the excess when trimming fashion dolls' hairdo. They will come in handy down the road when doing Bosley on other heads.

The watch is from HT SWAT I believe. Initially painted with chrome marker, but the outcome sucks. So I applied bare metal foil instead, looks so much better.


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Unsurprisingly, real good all the way around, Leo. The transformation of that sculpt is hard to believe, he has so much character now. I figure you've probably sold more bodies for iyiyyy, with this thread. He'd be great, Joe or not.

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Awesome Joe, man! :bravo

On second glance, he's got a real Ekin Cheng vibe to him! not that is a bad thing at all. :D
Thanks man. LOL you're right, I didn't realize that. Indeed he does on certain angles. :D

Unsurprisingly, real good all the way around, Leo. The transformation of that sculpt is hard to believe, he has so much character now. I figure you've probably sold more bodies for iyiyyy, with this thread. He'd be great, Joe or not.
Thanks Mike. Yeah those factory paint buried so much details on the sculpt. The early DML ones are rather simple, but the later ones have a lot of surface details hidden under the thick paint. A quick repaint completely changed the entire look of the sculpt. Now I'm itching to stripe rest of the older sculpts to see what's hiding underneath. And it's great for kit to offer these alternative nudes, the additional articulation on the upper arm makes posing a little more realistic than other brand. :D

Very cool :bravo
Thanks man, it was a blast building him. Simple yet refreshing. :D

Well done Leo.
Thanks Uswin. Probably the most minimalist Joe among the group, but that's what he should look like. :D

As usual he looks great Leo.I like your additions to the backstory as well.You gave your Chuckles more of a "real world" vibe.That Asmus Toys shirt looks good for him. ;)
LOL thanks man. ;) Yeah the backstory is key to the bash, can't go on without it. I was surprised as well how soft and thin the material of the shirt, which is great when hanging on the nude.

That's awesome. I was thinking about using that Asmus shirt too.
Thanks KJ. That Asmus set is awesome. Shirt is rather well made. :thumb

This rocks. I always have such a problem applying "real" hair and you nailed this. Bravo my friend.
Thanks Doug. Same here with applying the hair. There are many sources on the tube showing how to do it. This is one of the method I based on, pretty neat straight forward stuff.

Wicked, wicked Chuckles, Leo! I must echo the kudos on how amazingly you pulled off the real hair. Love the attitude on this guy.
Thanks Rob. Yeah creating the hairdo is kinda tricky at the beginning. Thanks to the tube, there are numerous links showing the how-to(see the link above). Took several trial runs to get the hairdo to take shape. To quote the old saying, patience is the virtue. Originally I planned to mod after the style in G.I. Joe: Cobra #4, but somehow got drifted away and started creating my own version. :D

Nice mod. That looks great. :bravo
Thanks man. I'm quite content on the result as well. :D

Tough guy looking!
Thank you sir. He needs to be if he intends to stop those Cobra thugs from blowing up stuff.:D

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Great looking Chuckles, Leo! :thumb
I am not tired of your Joe bashes. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.
Thanks Gerald. Yep more to come, creative drive permitted. :D

Nicely done Leo. Great work on the hair. I also like what you did with the neck.

Thanks Neils. The hair turned out almost as I envisioned. I almost wanted to trim further at one point, but didn't go for it. He looks good this way. :D

What you did with the head is phenomenal!
Thanks man. Still learning the craft. :D

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Thank you Rod. :D

Great job Leo! Almost looks like a scary version of Harrison Ford with long blonde hair to me.
Gave me a few more tips for my T-Gore when I start him up again...
LMAO!! Thanks Chris. That was my initially impression as well when finished off the repaint. "Damn, he looked familiar, I have seen him before. Oh yeah he looked kinda like that fellow who played a certain intergalactic smuggler in that lousy scifi movie... ":p :D

Looking forward to your take on T-Gore btw. :thumb
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