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Chicago Bluesman

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This figure represents the migration of the blues from the Deep South to large northern cities, especially Chicago. There, acoustic country blues melded with jazz and other contemporary music forms and eventually became electrified. This guy is no specific person but done in the spirit of those “clean” brothers in the pin-striped suits that fried and stacked their hair and kept those two-tone shoes brightly shining.


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great figure, Htanner. what headsculpt is that?

Oh Man that is GREAT !!!!
Fantastic bash & very original. I can almost hear Muddy Waters wailing slide guitar.:smoking:smoking
sweeeeet..... can u break down the bash? the suit n shoes look really nice.
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Very cool fig man.
that's so cool. He looks like little richard.
outta siiight! :D
Wild, man. Very cool cat, Great Job!
Verrrry cooooollll....

Where did you get that guitar? It looks great and suits the style perfectly. Makes me wish someone would do The Blues Brothers. If you can find the HS's and hats, I reckon SS's Reservoir Dogs figures could supply the rest. Let's see 'em!

1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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