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Charlton Heston as "The War Lord"

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My boyfriend (Joe) asked me to paint a Charlton Heston resin head...and asked if it would be possible to give it 'realistic' hair. I told him I'd try, and reminded him that the only hair I've ever done was rooting 'soft' heads, not resins. Not just any hairstyle, oh no...that would be easy. It had to be a NORMAN style haircut. Ugggh.
First, I dremeled the existing molded hair off, making the head smooth and bald.
Second, marked the spot from which all the hair starts from on the back of the head.
Third, I glued every strand individually. (Okay, sucker for details...)
Fourth, peeled all the hair off after it dried, as it was pointed out the 'part' wasn't actually far enough back on the head. Each NEW strand of hair was then glued again, this time farther back.
I got the 'good job' from Joe, so here it is:

Two things I've learned?
1. I still don't like Norman haircuts (there ain't NOBODY who looks good with one, past or present, IMHO :p ) and
2. Next time...wigs.
Thanks for looking!
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Great job !!
Heh, first off, it looks good as far as a really well done custom HS with real hair. Secondly, its a pretty good rendition of that period's haircut as well, I'm not surprised he's happy with it. What hair did you use as the donor? I'm having trouble finding a suitable source :/ Great job though, and I agree with your final notes :lol
foley.ea said:
My boyfriend (Joe) asked me to paint a Charlton Heston resin head...and asked if it would be possible to give it 'realistic' hair.
You know Cleav, this is part of what makes you a goddess among mere women! :lol

Anyway, enough sucking up. Very nice work on "Chuck", even with the Stooge haircut. :thumb
Usmcrtop and Gaiagear- thanks! I had fun doing it, even if it was tedious gluing the hair down.

Saiko- Thank you! I used KatSilk saran for the hair. I usually root the soft-vinyl heads with it, so I had lots of it around. Its great to work with, and easy to style...although, with the hair this short, it was hard to 'curl' the ends the way Heston had it styled in the movie.

Mlatch221- okay, okay, your sucking up worked...I posted it OVER THERE good twin was ubernice today :p And thank you, although full Goddess status is my eventual goal, just being on the lowest steps of Mount Olympus with the other Gods/Goddesses here is more than I could hope for! PS- yes, it does look like a Moe and was threatened with not being taken out to dinner when I passed that along to the bf!

Paul- Thank you very much for that- next time he wants 'real' hair, I'm definitely going to try this. It would have made it sooooo much easier!
<off to bookmark the site... :)
Joe is one lucky guy. You've caught the image of Sir Chrysagon de la Cruex. It'll take a heroic job on the Norman armor, shield and weapons to do this justice.
Wow, that is some serious work and patience. Kudos to you!
Taken from the Old French;

fo shizzle.

That's a terrific job.
Awesome work on that. If it's worth doing once, it's worth doing again right?! Can't wait to see how he uses that HS.
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