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I'm new to the forum (hello, hello!) so I hope I'm posting in the right place. I was wondering how is the best course of casting/making a mold of a Hot Toys Head sculpt. I recently purchased "Kamui Gaiden Hot Toys MMS112 Kenichi Matsuyama" as my friend and I really wanted to try out hands at making L from the Death Note Movies (we stumbled across a creator that made one but sadly I left them message for any tips/guide/how to and haven't got anything back as of yet) but we thought making a cast of the sculpt would be the best since we are both new to this and didn't want to ruin the main sculpt (but it would be a fun program to work together/compare how we paint).

What would be the best materials to use to make this mold possible? I've been looking online and I'm getting so many different responses for different type of figures so I thought it would best to just ask for the actually figure I'm using. Unless someone has a mold and is willing to sell two sculpts, painted or not (I've looked online for his face sculpt and nothing) Also how does one go about looking into commissioning someone for a celebrity head sculpt (Asian actors)? Is it even possible? My friend and I were just curious about it. Again, we are both terribly new to all of this. Any help or tips would be appreciate.

Thank you so much for your time and I apologize if there was a link/search post for this as I did try my best in looking before asking (I really hate to be that one person that ask something that is right-there-why-didn't-you-look )
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