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hi guys, this is my attempt to bash carlos from Resident evil (Biohazard).
He is based on the character from the game, though i have changed a few things like i have made him wear body armour and a few other things.
I made the logo's on Photoshop cs and the grenade covers aswell.
The hs and body will be done away with once i can find a good enough hs that looks like carlos and a muscle body.
well anyway here is my wip.

logo's and custom shotgun holder

Custom grenades

and here is my alternate version which is based loosley on the movie carlos from the second Resident evil.

as always cheers for looking and please tell me what you think.
oh and if anyone can tell me if their is a good carlos hs on ebay or the net that would be a great help.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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