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Caption It Is Back! (Birthday substitute for 08/01/17)

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We Wish these absent OSWers a Happy Birthday---

ajldesign and rene (23)

Now on to Caption It! Here's the pic---

Now let's see those Captions! :thumb
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"Be very, very quiet, I'm hunting Sisqo!"

"Damned bra strap buckle is stuck again. I will have the shoot the damn thing off.
Is there NOBODY I can ask to undo it?"
Does this pistol make my butt look big?!?

A extremely dangerous weapon. Also, she's holding a gun.
Phicen's latest release, the #A55. It features a pistol and our skimpiest outfit to date.
Yeah, I'm what....?
"i'll be glad when i can stand up my cause legs are sore" or "i'm sexy, i'm sexy, and there. is this a good position to hold?" or "the things i do for my modeling career"
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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