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Tonight I'm checking out some true action figures - the new Captain Action costume sets for Iron Man and Wolverine. I also have the new Captaion Action himself that comes with this wave, but mostly because you need him to appreciate the costumes themselves.

You can find the review at the usual:

Thanks for reading!


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Thanks for the update and info! I've always wanted a 1/6 classic Iron Man for my extensive IM collection, I even tried to convert one of the "1/6" vinyl kits but it was way undersized. The helmet will need some serious mods though, he looks like an egg headed cross between C3PO and Twiki from B.R. right now that also happens to be a deer caught in the head lights; wow that's actually a lot of character for three slits in a ball!:think
Annoyingly Wolverine's sculpt looks really good!
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