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Caps new look.

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Hello all. I thought I give his new look a try. It was a real challenge to sew it. What you see took me three tries to get it right. But I think it can still be improved. I hope you like it.

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Man, I love all your superhero figs...this one's no different :thumb
That rocks!!!! Very well done!
Looking good, very unique.
Now that is very cool. Nicely done.
Great job on this new version of Cap! :D

Even though I prefer the classic Cap, this new Cap's not so bad.

- Ian
Awesome cap, great work.
Nice figure. Is this why they killed Cap, to make him more relevent by giving him a new costume? Is the blue stripe on the 1 leg only? What side arm and knife is he carrying?
Thanks for the replies. Aki i tschi- The gun and knife he carries hasn't been described by Marvel. So I gave him a 1911 .45 and a k-bar. And the stripe is on both legs.
AWESOME!! Between this one and your other versions of Cap, ya got my vote as "Resident Expert on 1/6 Captain Americas".
This version is AWESOME! Great bash. More pictures please!
I was not a fan of Cap's new design when I first saw it. Alex Ross is a brilliant painter, but he is better at designing DC characters...

However, I find myself really enjoying the design seeing it as a figure!

My opinions of the design aside, you've done on hell of a magnificent job on this figure! Looks absolutely fantastic!! Amazing craftsmanship!
What Stinny said....

Great Captain, gd
cool new cap figure

Iam having the same feeling about Captain America. I do ponder what does the gun or knife have to do anything with Captain America? :rolleyes He was a WW2 vet but in the modern era he never carries a weapon! Except his shield. But I think this new cap is probably Bucky. Great job on the figure greydeath. :thumb
Looks good to me. Excellent job, and on such short notice. Kuddos to you!
1 - 20 of 48 Posts
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