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The New Cap: Issue #34!

Read about the man who is writing the Captain America Arc

Part 1:

Part 2:

Damn you Sawgunner! You got to it quicker than me.:eek:verkill Just kidding.:D

Yes there is a new Captain America and he is Bucky Barnes. I knew it was going to be Bucky ever since issue #27. He fought Black Widow over the shield, She was going to transport the shield to a secret location. It was an order by Tony Stark. I got my issue yesterday and I was going to do a review but I forgot to post my review last night. Its a great issue and one of the best in the Captain America series and Ed Burbaker Cap run. The writer is a genius for making Captain America's death interesting otherwise if he didn't write the series it would just be another generic comic book. If your a cap fan buy this issue!

Did anyone watch Colbert this week:
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