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Can somebody help me with a translation

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the link abouve I tried using all the languge translation things none of them work ..Id would really appreciate it...can somebody also recomend a good web site translater program...thanks in advance
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"Red" said: Must paid in 24 hrs. A $1.00 fee for every $100. sold. For $200. + $2.00 fee.

"Blue": Most items only got one in stock.

The seller is from Hong Kong.

I think HKD is about $1. USD = $7.2 ~ $7.5? HKD.
It's always around US1 = HK$7.78 (the HK$ is pegged to the US$)

This is what came out of Babel fish ( using Trad. Chinese to English:

Surplus time: 4 days 16 hours (reciprocal timer)
bids high: Non-
something by auction quantity:1
shouts out the price the number of times ︰ 0
(shouts out the price historic record) to open the selling price: HKD 140.00 each price ︰ The HKD 10.00 commodities are new old:
Explains the area in the description ︰
Hong Kong starts the time: 2008-01-03 23:50
closure time: 2008-01-13 23:50
something by auction serial number: B7256188
ships the expense: Mails HKD (internationally) 10.00
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Looking at the price, and after reading the title several times, I think he is only selling a preorder custom resin head suitable for the Medicom Peter Parker figure.

He also does not mention anything about whether or not it is painted.
yup. it's a custom resin head. not the full figure.

it also mentions that yahoo HK charges the seller 1HKD for every item that sells for 100HKD. Thats why the 2HKD surcharge.
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