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Freakin' Dude!
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Well, here we have one of My finest looking bashes. Though really she looks plain and stuff, I kinda like her like this and really don't plan on changing her at the moment. I dig the Triad Otaku body and she's got such a beautiful face. I wrote a small bio for her and lots of pics as well. Comments and feedback always welcome:)

Callie Jolie

Born as: Calleen Ameliana Jolie-DuGuda

Current Name: Callie Jolie.

Sex: Female.

From: Southern California.

Currently Resides: Southern California.

Occupation: Was going to be a doctor but was forced to street hooking.

Notable Feats: Is good at many forms of health care. Loves to exercise. Since being forced onto the streets she is quite successful at it. Loves firearms but prefers her trusty shotgun since she won many contests when she was younger. Can be nice when she wants to but mostly wants to play a hardcore girl since she's used to the lifestyle so much.

Status: After a brutal beating and severe humiliation, she has swore to herself to get revenge on all who attacked her no matter what!

Group: N/A.

Sweet lookin' action babe!

Do you "really" want to mess with her now?

Uh oh, better watch your ....., she's got her sights on ya!

Oh no, though she's hardcore she doesn't like anybody looking up her dress!

You wanted to see Me? This ain't no freakin' strip show, this is all I'm gonna do cuz I gotta bust some balls!

Happy Now?

Callie is gotta go and do some justice!

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