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Hi friends
Toay present you at very famous C3PO & R2D2 in 1/6 scale .
I hope like

See you in OSW!!

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EWWWW WEEE those are awesome
Thank you very much

Great work.
Thanks a lot of , Gerard

Wow, those two are out of this world! Outstanding job with both of them!

- Ian
Thanks , Doc but I only maked the photos :)

Are those model kits, or something else? I've been thinking about replacing the Hasbro Rd & 3PO I have on display, but the Koto ones were too small.

Regardless, your pair looks great :D
We need to assemble the arms, head , trunk and legs . Thanks for comment

Really nice looking work there. They look just like the real deal. Very nice!!
Thanks friend but I only maked the photos :)


Those look fantastic! I like the details on the R2 - are his compartments functional?

What modifications did you do to these figures? I don't have my hasbro figures handy so I don't remember exactly how they looked.
They are not articulated

Whats the scoop?
Are they articulated?
Excusse my english is limited and I don't stand your firs question .
They are not articulated .
Thanks for your comments

:jawdrop Details, dude. Those are masterpieces.

They look like the Kotobukiya ones to me, and if they are they're 1/7th. Kaiyodo did these two in 1/6th though I don't think Threepio was ever plated.

Nice though

When I saw the leg of C3PO the first time thought that it was not well but after searching the internet found the famous photo during the filming in Tunisia

Thanks for your comment , Roger

Wow !!!

Did you buy these or are they custom built ??
They are buyed , only emsambled legs , head , trunk and legs

Thank you very much at all for yours comments
See you in OSW!!!

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My father is in hospital and I haven´t time for enjoy forum these days , only want to say you thanks for comments .
See you in OSW
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