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please watch sell topics in forums and on ebay
please contact the owner if you find something strange
from fanasix in france
We had a break-in in our warehouse 3 weeks ago
A lot of stuff was stolen
As 1/6 world is quite a small world, perhpas some items will appear on the market , in France or Europe
on bric-a-brac trades or on internet bids websites
Don't hesitate to contact us, if something strange appears on sale, overall if the price is very low ...
Eric = 00 33 6 72 08 77 87 ... whatever is the hour ( night or day )
List of the stolen Items ( more typical - sevral pieces of each )

Halftrack SDKFZ 251 - Colours -grey-winter- camo -yellow 27 KG - METAL

Dragon - Schwimmwagen Camo
Action Man - Nostalgic Collection -
Set Officier britanique - Set Royal Marine - Set Ski Patrol
21st century Toys - 1 piece White scout car en boite
Char M5 Stuart en boite
Jeep Wyllis hors boite + figurine ( dont lee marvin )
Dodge Patton Hors Boite
Tiger I - Beige

Tiger Radio Controlled - Camo - 80 kg
Jagdpanther Radio Controlled- Camo - 80 kg
SDKFZ 251 Radio Controlled - Camo - 40 kg ( manque capot moteur - RC hors service )

21st Century Toys 1/18
F104 Vietnam
Stuka Desert
BF 109 G - Seeman
F 18 - Hornet - Red devils
Corsair Daisy jane

21st Century Toys 1/32
Force of valor
Less Typical pieces

Dragon figures ,

Insignes Glory Venture

A Tres bientot
Eric et Tout le Team FANASIX - BF 109
36, place Martyrs de Chateaubriant
Tél : 01 69 05 00 55
Fax : 01 69 05 00 54
Email : [email protected]

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It's like when the onesix tank guys in the UK had their lorry stolen, why can't these dirtbags stick with heists where security personnel can smoke em?

We'll keep an eye open Eric, and the best of luck in getting your stuff back.

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wow, that is really a stupid crime to rob a 1:6th shop, for many reasons-
1. There aren't very many people in this hobby, but it will be notied more than if a larger hobby was robbed.
2. Boards like this post whenever people steal something.
3. Friends are going to laugh at you when you say you stole a bunh of dolls (essentially, thats what they are, but reallier, and with guns).

I'l look on ebay tonight for any of the missing stuff.

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If and when any of you sharp-eyes run across any auctions etc that may seem a bit suspicious and are in french, feel free to PM me a link and we'll see how kosher it is. Or even if it's in English and we can break it down for our french victims to understand better. Just offering to help.

Be nice to see these turds nailed.
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