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Thanks for the comments! The vest, the pouches and helmet cover was made using the tropentarn camo fabric from the Magic Cube Toys KSK uniform and chest rig.
Some more pics:

And here is the parts list:

-Body and Headsculpt: Crazy Dummy
-Hands: DML modified
-Gloves: Crazy Dummy
-Combat shirt: handmade
-Trousers: Magic Cube KSK modified
-Boots: Soldier Story (painted with acrylics)
-Helmet: BBI French Spectra helmet modified with handmade chinstrap, helmet cover and LUCIE night vision mount.
-IDZ body armor: handmade
-IDZ Pouches: handmade
-Camelbak: handmade with ACE bladder/tube (custom tube cover)
-Tourniquet: Crazy Dummy
-G36A2 rifle: Magic Cube KSK modified with handmade sling, Zeiss Z-Point sight and flashlight.

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This one earns an automatic WOW, even before it sets in that so much of it has been hand made. A fine regular "grunt", you've done wonders with resources at hand.
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