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I got my shipment of parts from both figures and I tell ya..they are pretty nice. Just hope both companies keep putting out modern figures...quality is very nice.

Boots-Suppose to be Lowa Desert Seekers, sole is alittle thick but it's always nice to have new cloth boots on the market.

Wasatch-Has only one attachment buckle but makes it fit snugger, looks better than ACE version

Slingpack-not too sure on this pack..kinda metrosexual..can't really criticize, I carry a Maxpedition versipack daily. :p
The detail is awesome

BS Jacket, gloves, and MG chestrig-all pieces are nice except gloves..fingers are kind of short..might turn them into fingerless.

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I wouldn't touch the gloves.I got my pair today.I put them on SS bendies.And they work fine.I had some HT nomex on them and when they bend the finger tips don't fill the gloves.On the Mechanix it's perfect.

Nice score on the parts by the way.I have been considering getting the pack,but I don't have a use for it.
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